Julie Boyd came to the practice of yoga following her days as a competitive and nationally top ranked tennis player when she lost her vision to Stargardt's Disease, a rare genetic loss of vision commonly referred to as juvenile macular degeneration.

In 1995, while attending Arizona State University, Julie began her yoga experience. As a student of At One Yoga in Phoenix, AZ she found that the flow of synchronized breathing and movements allowed the impossible to become reality.

“Yoga became an important part of life and I soon realized yoga is not something you do; 

It is who you are."

Julie decided to attend her first teacher training with At One Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. Julie’s yoga classes allow students to enjoy the beauty within themselves through deep breathing and powerful, flowing sequences. Her class incorporates Julie’s love of music, challenging vinyasa, and pathways to deeper openings and freedom from boundaries.

“As a teacher of this discipline it is most important to care for your students, continue the study of asana, philosophy and anatomy in order to provide a consistent yet fresh approach.”

Julie feels most grateful for the students and teachers who she has met along the path. Her practice and teachings come from multiple disciplines, but Ashtanga yoga has always been home.

“Yoga has a way of opening your heart and light from within.You begin to realize anything is possible with determination, dedication, and patience.”